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anxiety hypnotherapy in Surrey
When we are under extreme stress, our minds enter into a state known as ‘hyper-arousal’, this is recognised as the fight, freeze, or flight response.  As our minds become primed (conditioned over periods of time) to react to a ‘perceived’ imminent threat, they flood our bodies with the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol and our central nervous system goes into overdrive getting ready to either fight, freeze, or run away. Your breathing increases, and may become more of a panting shallow breathing pattern. We experience many physical sensations within the body, such as light-headedness, palpitations, maybe a feeling like we can’t breathe properly, physical tension, or perhaps you will experience a dry mouth, nausea, pins and needles and psychological symptoms such as a sense of dread, (an impending sense of doom), a feeling of being detached or overly emotional and a feeling of being out of control. It is also common to become irritable and quick to anger; these are a defence mechanism and quite natural. Then, as our anxiety peaks, we may even experience a full blown panic attack. It’s really important to remember that a certain amount of stress hormones are a good thing and necessary to that fight, freeze, or flight response - it’s our ultimate safety mechanism designed to keep us safe in times of danger, (in cave man days, we would have survived by these instincts), but the problem arises when our bodies become primed (used to being on high alert) for an imminent threat when there isn’t actually any, leaving us feeling in a constant state of anxiety or like we just can’t cope in everyday situations.  My therapy works by calming the over anxious mind and addressing the unhelpful beliefs that feed the anxiety. Through the use of hypno-therapeutic strategies we are able to calm the central nervous system using a variety of different techniques such as visualisation, suggestion, and relaxation. Your mind is so much more receptive to positive suggestions when in hypnosis, which will enable us to overcome the negative beliefs, and our own sabotaging self-talk that feeds the anxiety. This then leads to a calmer state of mind and counteracts the negative thought processes that lead the brain to enter into a state of heightened anxiety in the first place. Please note: Hypnosis is subjective, and every person has their own experience. Some clients need more sessions than others, the average length of therapy is 2-8 sessions.
Taking that first step towards facing personal issues can be a tremendously nervous moment. Before beginning any hypnosis, we will have a chat where I can take some notes and we can discuss what your first session will entail. First and foremost, I will want to know why you have come. 

The main thing is, I want you to understand that you are in control of the session, and I’m merely helping guide you through your own subconscious. Contrary to popular belief, hypnotherapy won’t cause any behaviours outside the scope of your goals. (Nope, no chicken noises in my therapy!).

While under hypnosis, your subconscious is suggestible to influence, it will be at this stage that I use various techniques to ‘speak’ to your sub conscious, promoting  positive behaviour, and solutions for you. These will replace negative emotions, fears or patterns that will be associated with your presenting issues.

My Hypnotherapy sessions can address a wide variety of problems, using a multi therapy based approach, I can move you forward on your journey to a more positive future with long term results. Everyone is different and each session that I run is completely tailored to my clients using a combination of the following:
Talking Therapy
This is a wonderful technique that can help you to address unhelpful, outdated beliefs that you hold about yourself and the world around you. A shift in your perception can create a cascading effect of positive change, not just in the problem you’re seeking help for, but in your overall outlook in life.
Clinical Hypnosis
This unique, advanced form of hypnotherapy tackles the root cause of a problem. By resolving the fundamental reasons why your symptoms exist, your unconscious mind can start working for your benefit. This is particularly useful for those that have experienced subconscious resistance.
Neuro-Linguistic-Programming combined with coaching can help you to gain clarity over how you really want to feel. We can identify obstacles that get in your way and can provide you with practical tools and techniques to take back control of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.


How long will a session last?

Your first session would be around 90 minutes long to really spend time discussing your needs and expectations. Moving forwards each session will then be between 50-60 minutes long thereafter.

How many sessions so I need?

This varies from person to person and also depending on how deep rooted a belief or addiction is. Sometimes we can resolve things in one or two sessions, other issues or circumstances may take several, but as a general rule most people benefit from 4-8 sessions.

Will I lose control under hynosis?

No. it is not possible to ‘make’ or enforce any behaviour or belief system that you do not already hold. For example, you could not be hypnotised to rob a bank or bark like a dog, as these are not in your general personality to do so. You, ultimately remain in complete control of yourself at all times.

Does hypnotherapy work for everyone?

No. it has an average 88% success rate. Hypnosis is not a ‘silver bullet’ to cure everything for everyone, but it can have amazing results that have great staying power. Some people need ‘top ups’ over periods of months or years, and others just need a couple of sessions once only. I am fully invested in you to help support you through whatever your predicament is; all I ask is you be fully on board in return.

Can you guarantee results?

I can guarentee to give you the best of my services at all times. Ensuring you have the best possible positive experience I can offer. As mentioned above; it is not a magic wand, but between us we will work very hard to resolve your issues.

Can sessions be conducted online?

Yes we can if that suits better. However, a face to face session will always be my preferred medium; there are no reasons why online therapy will have a detrimental affect. Infact, for some, online may be their only option to work with me, whether that’s because of COVID, distance or any other reason.

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So, now you are ready to take the leap of faith and book your first appointment. What’s next? Well, firstly, Congratulations! Taking that first step towards facing personal issues can be a tremendously nervous moment. During a free telephone consultation I can answer any questions you have about my hypnotherapy sessions and talk you through what your first session will entail. I will be as honest and plain speaking as I can to ensure you feel safe and comfortable. Everyone is different and each session that I run is completely tailored to my clients. During an initial consultation we will be able to establish if hypnotherapy is right for you and start your therapy.
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    "Oh my goodness what can I say Lisa is amazing, I had a combination of talking and hypnotherapy, four hours since my first appointment and I still feel so relaxed, it has been a very long time since I felt like this. I cannot wait until my next session" Thank you Lisa."
    "Would highly recommend Lisa who has been working with my son and his anxieties and he has already felt the benefits after only a couple of sessions after many years of us trying other approaches with minimal success. Lisa has warmly welcomed us into her home for sessions where he instantly felt relaxed."
    "Lisa is fantastic! Would 100% recommend to anyone considering taking the plunge!"